Madden 15 Save Editor/Checksum Fixer 04/06/2016

Madden 15 Save Editor/Checksum Fixer

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    First, just like to give credit to UnnamedOne for the work that he put in for Madden 25. As a result of his work it made it that much easier to continue this thread for Madden 15. Also, this tool wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of XB36Hazard. He deserves almost every bit of the credit here as I am still quite new to this process.<br />
    <br />
    To mod coach or owner saves it is easiest if you have two game saves. The first will serves as your unmodified base save and the other should be one that has changed values in your franchise. For example, you begin a franchise as the Patriots save your franchise. Then you go in and progress Julien Edelman’s attributes by 1 point and thus resulting in a change of his total XP, then save the franchise as “testâ€. You now have two saves, one as your base (whatever you originally called it) and the other as your mod.
    <br />
    For funds: Spend money on your stadium and save.<br />
    For xp: Spend XP (Coach/Player/Owner) and save.<br />
    <br />
    1. Extract the<br />
    2. Using your preferred modding program, extract your game saves from their containers and into the MaddenModdingFolder.<br />
    3. Right click while holding shift on the MaddenModdingFolder and click "Open command window here"<br />
    4. Type into the command window: "offzip.exe -a <Your base save's name here> Inflated 0" - without the quotes and without the <><br />
    5. Type into the command window: "offzip.exe -a <Your changed save's name here> InflatedChanged 0" - without the quotes and without the <><br />
    6. Compare the two extracted files (in Inflated and InflatedChanged folders) in a hex editor with a file comparison feature such as HxD:<br />
    7. There will be two bytes (most likely) that are different between the two files.<br />
    8a. For XP: Move the cursor to the byte BEFORE the changed bytes and overwrite them with FF FF FF<br />
    8b. For Funds: If you're modifying funds you can go two bytes before and overwrite them<br />
    with FF FF FF FF.<br />
    9. Once finished with all the desired changes, save.<br />
    10. Copy the 00000054.frt file in InflatedChanged to the main folder<br />
    11. Inside the command prompt: type "packzip.exe -o 0x00000054 00000054.frt <Your changed save's name here>" - without the quotes and without the <><br />
    12. Open the M15ChecksumFixer and open the changed save file. It will fix and save for you.<br />
    13. Place the save back into its original container using your preferred modding program.<br />
    14. Rehash/Resign.
    <br />
    15. Load your game save and enjoy.
    <br />
    <br />
    Again, big thanks to XB36Hazard and UnnamedOne for the help with this and original groundwork. <br />
    <br />
    Please vote, like, and comment so I can get some feedback.

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