Kinect Adventure Save 04/06/2016

Kinect Adventure Save

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    Do Not use unless you have most of the adventure achievements done<br />
    this will pop achievements out of order but will not pop them on load, you actually have to do something for them to pop<br />
    <br />
    Ok here is a save for Kinect adventures, It has all the adventure done you can get quite a few achievements by going to <br />
    1. adventure and selecting the very first mission, once you finish it it will pop a few achievements, <br />
    2. Now go to the show off and share options, and select living statue, record any statue and you will get a few more<br />
    on a fresh profile I got 300GS<br />
    3. The main reason for this save was for the ALL PLATINUM ACHIEVEMENT, make sure you have all achievements tied to<br />
    freeplay, you may be able to get them by replaying a level that already has PLATINUM. DO NOT play any level that<br />
    has not got platinum yet unless that is the only achievement you need for free play.<br />
    4. Now I have left 1 medal to get in basic, intermediate & advanced. Now go to 20,000 leaks and you will see 1 level<br />
    with bronze, play that level and try to get platinum, if you get gold you will get the achievements for all<br />
    silver and all gold in basic levels.<br />
    5. Do the exact same thing for Intermediate & Advanced by going to 20,000 leaks and get the gold or platinum on those<br />
    levels that only have bronze.<br />
    6. If you managed to get Platinum on those levels you will get the hardest Achievement in the game Platinom Nom Nom<br />
    <br />
    If you are unable to get Platinum then once I get them I will re-upload the save and hopefully you could get it by just replaying any level.<br />
    <br />
    Hope this helps you out.