JohnnysCustomSkyrimSave 04/06/2016


  1. johnnyblaze978
    My first ever Skyrim game save. Pre CC <br />
    No weapons or armor<br />
    All shouts and spells unlocked<br />
    999999 gold<br />
    All smithing materials you need<br />
    Enchantment skill tree main line unlocked<br />
    Smithing skill tree up to elvin/dwarven armor unlocked inc arcane<br />
    black star/azura star<br />
    999 black soul gems<br />
    999 grand soul gems<br />
    skeleton key<br />
    jagged crown<br />
    blacksmith elixirs<br />
    enchanters elixirs<br />
    ultimate health potions<br />
    ultimate magic potions<br />
    amulet of mara<br />
    All map markers shown <br />
    carryweight around 50,000<br />
    <br />
    Most saves are bloated and too godly in my opinion this save lets you start off with the things you need but you still need to work for things you want. You will still have to level up your smithing and enchanting for their full benefit. You start with no weapons or armor but you can forge them as soon as you port to a blacksmith.<br />
    Enjoy and remember this is my first ever try at this..

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    toni freeman
    Version: 04/06/2016
    not a good save