Halo CE Anniversary Save Editor 04/06/2016

Halo CE Anniversary Save Editor

  1. FastMouse1234
    -Added<br />
    -Halo: CE Anniversary save editing<br />
    -[CEA] Invincibility<br />
    -[CEA] Ammo and grenades editing<br />
    -[CEA] Biped position editing<br />
    -[Reach] Carry and edit up to four weapons<br />
    -[Reach] Weapon name guessing in the object editor<br />
    -[Reach] View an object's rotation info<br />
    -[Reach] Scaling objects<br />
    -[Reach] Edit object max health and shields<br />
    -Intermediate step while the package is being updated<br />
    -Gamertag is now shown in the removable device save selector<br />
    -GUI color schemes<br />
    -Setting to hide warning dialogs for unsafe actions<br />
    -Fixed<br />
    -Object moving should hopefully work better now<br />
    -Buggy mass move dialog<br />
    -Internal improvements<br />
    -Fixed lots and lots of bugs (yeah, loads)<br />
    -Changed<br />
    -[Reach] Completely redesigned object editor<br />
    -New, cleaner metro controls