Hadzz GT Editor v2.3 04/06/2016

Hadzz GT Editor v2.3

  1. EyesOnly
    Device Explorer: Open your profile directly through your USB device and then save modded accounts directly with a click of a button<br />
    Auto Resigner: Automatically rehashes/resigns modded profiles that you create<br />
    Achievement Editor: Unlock whatever achievements you want and put your profile back on with one button<br />
    16 Buttons and 8 Colors<br />
    Default Profile: Set the default profile and you can make Hadzz automatically load your profile on start-up<br />
    Infinite Profiles: Every time you create a profile, it automatically creates a random profile id so no need to worry about already having that profile<br />
    Themes: A list of 4 themes to choose from