GTAV - 56/57 Random Events Help! 04/06/2016

GTAV - 56/57 Random Events Help!

  1. ne
    I have a feeling you are rewarded for getting them all but I doubt it.<br />
    Unfortunately I can't get the LAST RANDOM EVENT TO TRIGGER :(<br />
    It's Simeon Yetarian! The guy you help do the repo business as Franklin. On my Social Club checklist, it says that is the only Random Event left to do. I am sharing to you guys to see if you have any luck triggering it.<br />
    The location is up to the left corner. The CAR SHOWROOM at the corner.<br />
    Please help me out and tell me if you get it to trigger. I'd love to have a PERFECT GAME on GTAV.<br />
    I am starting to think it's glitched but I hope not.<br />
    The screenshot map shows the exact location. The red square