gears of war 3 04/06/2016

gears of war 3

  1. crz3 br0ad3
    Rat pack<br />
    last cog<br />
    last collectible<br />
    found all colectibles<br />
    finish game on hardcore​
    <br />
    continue game. make your way around to the left, turn right. and follow left hand side wall kick open gate and get the 20th collectible... u should be cole train<br />
    <br />
    if save dont continue from correct spot load up save slot 3 or act 1 homecoming<br />
    same goes for save last collectible<br />
    <br />
    last cog soon as u exit lift turn right go into corner chainsaw boxes<br />
    last pick up is in the room with telescope..<br />
    contine after this to finish game on hardcore<br />
    [​IMG]<br />
    [​IMG]<br />