Frozen Blood - alternative roleplaying start 04/06/2016

Frozen Blood - alternative roleplaying start

  1. lavaguy96
    STORYLINE<br />
    It was a cold night. One of Skyrim's blizzard lasted. Suddenly, silence was interrupted by strange crack. Tomb's lid has been broken and then pale hand appeard. Penetrating pain in your frozen bones has woke you up. You had scrambled out from yours recent resting place. You have fallen into the white snow. You couldn't remember anything. It was like you were sleeping for a very, very long time and forgot almost everything. The only memory that you have is a voice of woman. She was screaming someone's name... Raphael? Raphael! Yes, it's your name... and this air... it seems different than the last time. But when was the last time?! Why I can't remember anything?! I need... blood...<br />
    <br />
    You start with almost nothing in your inventory. You have to gain all items and experience as a vampire this time. You decide what to do - from this time it's completly your game. Just roleplay it. The main quest is disabled. You have no markers on your map.You dont know nothing about the Helgen dragon incident and have no idea why you woke up exactly this time.<br />
    <br />
    -You start at the tomb near Morthal<br />
    -Main quest is disabled<br />
    -You don't have any map markers - you have to discover everything by yourself<br />
    -Raphael is level 1 and his skills are different than standard due to his previously life and vampire origin<br />
    <br />
    - Put the game difficulty on Expert level<br />
    - Disable the compass - use the sun or stars to navigate (it is possible)<br />
    - Disable the crosshair - practice the shooting with arrows on some tree or corner of the house<br />
    - Since you know nothing of the Helgen Dragon incident the main quest is not started, NO DRAGONS! / NO SHOUTS!