FIFA 11 - 8 Ft 3 Virtual Pro Save 04/06/2016

FIFA 11 - 8 Ft 3 Virtual Pro Save

  1. XPGBuSh
    This is a Virtual pro mod save, 8 ft 3 ST with 255 Overall.<br />
    <br />
    Tutorial <br />
    1)Move personal settings 1 from xbox 360 to USB <br />
    2)Put USB into computer and open USBXTAF <br />
    3)Keep clicking untill you find Settings 2060123123 or something like that <br />
    4)Extract that to your desktop <br />
    5)Extract the hacked fifa settings to your desktop aswell (downloaded one) <br />
    Drag them both into 360REV <br />
    6)Copy the profile id and system id from your settings to the modded settings <br />
    7)Close your settings and click "rehash and resign" on the modded ones <br />
    8)Open USBXTAF again and delete the settings already on there and drag your settings into the same place <br />
    9)Safetly remove hardware and then wait 30 seconds until you remove your USB from your computer <br />
    10)Now on your xbox, move the settings from your USB back onto your xbox and start the game enjoy