FFXIII mod tool 04/06/2016

FFXIII mod tool

  1. MrGoldGiver
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    NOTE: Warning Ok There are diff options pretty easy to understand let me explain it,Say you want max str then click the first one BUT DO NOT CLICK BOTH OF THEM load your game up and if it works then your good if it don't go back and click on the sec one THIS WILL WORK IF THE FIRST ONE DON'T then do the samething for HP you will have to go back and forth.Like what I did was used this save at chapter3 then I did str 1 first and it worked and then I went back and did HP first and that didn't work so I tried hp2 and it did.The reason why this has to happen like this is becuz were trying to get past the rotating encryption but anyway you should not HAVE PROBLEMS IF YOU DO IT RIGHT.<br />
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    Oh and don't click both of them lol ONLY ONE.