Dynasty Warriors 8 Editor 04/06/2016

Dynasty Warriors 8 Editor

  1. slyfuldragon
    Version: (9/15/2013)<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    New Features:<br />
    Added DLC Animal "Mammoth" to the editor<br />
    Added DLC Animal "White Tiger" to the editor<br />
    Added DLC Weapons "Fire Blade" and "Rotating Crossbow" to the editor.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Returning Features:<br />
    Compatibility to the editor for Traditional Chinese saves (DYNASTY WARRIORS 8(Tc) -- 4B5607E6) has been restored.<br />
    Added All skills to be able to be locked or unlocked at user's accord.<br />
    Weapons Editing<br />
    Animals Editing<br />
    Edit ALL desired Characters Stats and EXP<br />
    Unlock any Character<br />
    Edit Character Compatibility<br />
    Enabled users to read and write a character's Level (fixed a bug that allows the editor to properly read the level which was off -1)<br />
    Unlock and Max ALL Character Skills<br />
    Added ability for users to select what 4 skills they can equip for any characters<br />
    Added ability for users to edit individual character skills<br />
    (Ambition Mode)<br />
    Added ability for users to edit any 3 Food effects<br />
    Edit Facility Materials<br />
    Edit Weapon Materials<br />
    Edit Max Fame<br />
    Edit Current Fame<br />
    Edit Gold<br />
    (DLC)<br />
    Added DLC Animal "Storm Runner" to the editor<br />
    <br />

Recent Reviews

  1. TJ
    Version: 04/06/2016
    extremely helpful and user friendly, love the ease of use