Decadent Gamer (AIO) 04/06/2016

Decadent Gamer (AIO)

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    Created by: CLK Rebellion<br />
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    What this program is:<br />
    Decadent Gamer AIO is an AIO (all-in-one) program for the most part modding purposes.<br />
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    Decadent Gamer AIO was created by CLK Rebellion, with some help by AaronnRocks, Esjay131 (XeX) [a lot of help from him, thank you so much. This project would not have been made possible without you], 124112 and Miikerocks.<br />
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    The purpose of the program was to allow users to have all necessary modding programs [mainly] without having to search around for them.<br />
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    All to most programs featured here are listed on the Decadent Gamer website, and most include tutorials on how to use.<br />
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    To report a bug, or give feedback, please email me at<br />
    - Please visit Decadent Gamer and sign up today!<br />
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    Note: Please note that neither Decadent Gamer, the makers of to programs included in this software, nor its members are responsible for anything that happens or may happen to your video games, system (Xbox, Wii, PS3, Computer, etc.), or any persons. We at Decadent Gamer will make thorough instructions for whatever it is that you are doing, and if you follow those instructions, you should be fine . By posting on our site, downloading our programs/programs posted by other members, using this software, or using our tutorials, you are agreeing to these terms.<br />
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    Important information:<br />
    The software included within this program are all property of their respective owners. This program itself is property of Decadent Gamer, and may be re-distributed so long as you link this program back to Decadent Gamer AIO - Decadent Gamer - Enjoy this software! PS: Please don't use the built-in re-signers with programs like "Forge" for instance, as the key-vaults have been banned, and the resigning/rehashing process won't work. The re-signers in the CON Re-signer menu should be the only re-signers/re-hashes you use. Look in the "About" section of the program. If the program was made after November of 2008, don't use the re-signer. Anything after November 2008 is alright to use.<br />
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    .:: Programs Included ::.
    • <br />
    • CONcept (latest version)<br />
    • CONfirm (which is actually a CON reader, not resigner/rehasher)<br />
    • Decadent Gamer Wii Mod Package<br />
    • Grand Theft Modification<br />
    • Engineer<br />
    • H3B Editor<br />
    • Johnson<br />
    • Forge<br />
    • Forge Vista<br />
    • Sandbox<br />
    • Container Edits v@<br />
    • Description Modder 2<br />
    • Fileshare Spider<br />
    • Forge Edit Film Tool<br />
    • Forge Edit Screen Tool<br />
    • Halo 3 CDE<br />
    • H3 Screenshot Tool<br />
    • Mirage<br />
    • Vanity<br />
    • Variant<br />
    • wx360<br />
    • wxPirs<br />
    • Halo PC 3rd Person Mod<br />
    • Hamachi<br />
    • Xplorer 360<br />
    • Xplorer 360 Xtreme<br />
    • HxD<br />
    • Hex Workshop<br />
    • Xbox 360 Hack Pack -Excluded starting from build 1.5<br />
    • All Halo 3 .map files (download links)<br />