Dead space 3 collectibles 99.2% complete 04/06/2016

Dead space 3 collectibles 99.2% complete

  1. Da
    this save was downloaded from modio already moded for items but I unlocked the devil horns myself and almost all collectibles complete excepte for 1 weapon part in chapter 4 and chapter 14 is missing 1 circuit 1 weapon part 1 audio log and 2 scaf artifacts im having troubles finding them and im not sure if they are in the co-op missions or not.<br />
    im uploading this save because all other saves are missing a lot more than this and thought it would be useful<br />
    if you can find the collectibles im looking for and keep me posted itd be much appreciated ;)<br />
    sorry I already picked up all blueprints for this save :(<br />
    XD devil horns XD