Dead Space 3 99.5% All Collectibles, Delboy 04/06/2016

Dead Space 3 99.5% All Collectibles, Delboy

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    This is my own personal Dead Space 3 save that's 99.5% Complete all chapters are on 100% except 4,9,18 which have the last collectible on each one.<br />
    Also has been completed on all difficulties, New game+ and Classic. So all unlocks reward and Devil Horns have been unlocked. Save is based on Sensi amazing starter save so thanks to him<br />
    You will be able to get all collectibles Achievements from this one save. The Achievements and guide will be bellow I don't have a video capture card but they aren't hard to find.<br />
    Achievements this save will get you are.<br />
    <br />
    The Armorer - Collect all Circuits 25G, Select chapter 4 get in the shuttle and go straight to Terra Nova, you will be inside Terra Nova don't go to the door on the left as this then starts Chapter 5 instead jump up and glide down the side of the shuttle and work your way out side into space from here if you look ahead you will see a large damaged piece of ship glide to this while dodging all the mines and go around the back on it land on your feet and you will see a loot crate in here is the last circuit.<br />
    <br />
    Gun Collector - Collect all Weapon Parts 25G, Select Chapter 9 on the Waystaion will add details as soon as I find it again as I lost it but it a short chapter I'm on it now and will find it and edit this.<br />
    <br />
    The Professor - Collect all Artifacts 25G, Select Chapter 18 now the way I have done it is when you grab this one it will also give you the Aliens achievement for 15G as the last Artifact is a Alien one so you get two achievements in one. Now I need help with this one guy's I have replayed chapter 18 eight times now and cannot find the last artifact there are only two on this chapter and I got the one on the right of a alien door as you go through so I need you help guy's with this one credit will be given.<br />
    <br />
    Aliens - Collect all Alien Artifacts 15G [Secret], Read Above.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    The Librarian - Collect all Logs 25G, Load any chapter or do this while doing any of the above. Select any of the auido logs which are all over and very easy to see and as I have them all this should pop, I did have is so there was one left but my co-op partner I was playing with picked it up and it popped the achievement but as you can select all the audio logs again this should pop.<br />
    <br />
    The Explorer - Complete all optional Missions 25G, Replay any Chapter and Complete any optional mission and this should pop. Same goes for the co-op missions<br />
    <br />
    Bellow is a list of achievements that you should be able to unlock just by completing one of the actions needed as I already have the achievement by doing one action like kill one enemies while in stasis should pop the Slo Mo - Kill 50 Enemies while they are in stasis for 10G list bellow just do the required action once or twice and the achievement should pop let me know guy's thanks. Just do one of each to get these below.<br />
    <br />
    Slow Mo - Kill 50 Enemies while they are in stasis 10G <br />
    Blast Corps - Kill 30 Enemies with Explosion Damage 10G<br />
    ShootBang - Kill 30 Solders with head shots 10G<br />
    Empty Chamber - Kill 30 enemies with melee strikes 10G<br />
    Dropping Acid - Disolve 50 Enemies with Acid 10G<br />
    Electric Lawnmower - Kill 30 Enemies with electrified ripper blade 10G