Dead Pixels Save Editor 04/06/2016

Dead Pixels Save Editor

  1. EyesOnly
    1. <br />
    2. Need USB/Memory Card<br />
    3. Move Your Dead pixels Saved In Indie Games to Your USB/Memory Card<br />
    4. Open Resign Tool e.g 360 Revolution<br />
    5. Open Your Dead Pixels Save and Go to Contents<br />
    6. Extract Your save.xml, Which ever one you what to mod<br />
    7. Open The Save Editor<br />
    8. Open the Save<br />
    9. I recommend to just mod your money that's all<br />
    10. When your done Click File then Save as [What ever one you extracted say like save3.xml you well save as then replace save3.xml an then save rehash & resign] your done know you just plug your USB/Memory Card back in reload dead pixels and pick your USB/Memory Card and continue game pick the modded one.<br />