CSI-Fatal Conspiracy 04/06/2016

CSI-Fatal Conspiracy

  1. NATAS
    This was intended to be legit order save set but when I was testing the saves and getting ready to make detailed instructions, when I tested the first save it load and popped the achievement for Completing CSI: Fatal Conspiracy first. If I had of known that I would not have completed the last case because the game auto saves after completing a case thus making my legit order save set no longer legit order. You can still achieve all of the achievements just the complete the game achievement pops first. this save would be good as a mop-up save if someone missed some of the 100% achievements or missed some of the miss-able achievements.<br />
    <br />
    I did not bother doing the instructions as it is not a legit save so instructions would just be a waste of my time