CRC32 Length Finder 04/06/2016

CRC32 Length Finder

  1. EyesOnly
    This is an app I made to help find the length of bytes that a CRC32 calculates for.<br />
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    To Use:<br />
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    1) open app, then click Windows Button to bring up the menu, then click 'Open' to browse for and open your file.<br />
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    2) then input the 8 character CRC32 into the 'Known CRC32' Box.<br />
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    3) optionally you can set the 'Start Position', 'Advance Bytes' and 'Advance Position', if you don't change them then they get set to their lowest default value.<br />
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    4) once all options are set then click the 'Go..." Button to start reading and calculating. To stop the loop just click 'Stop!'.<br />
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    5) the app will start calculating bytes from the 'Start Position' and add the 'Advance Bytes' to the count each run. After it calculates all bytes/reaches EOF (end of file) then it advances the 'Start Position' by the number you set for 'Advance Position' then it starts the loop all over again (reading and calculating) until either the checksum's calculating length is found or either nothing is found.<br />
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    -Known CRC32 = the CRC32 in the file you know of.<br />
    -Start Position = the position in the file to start calculating from for each run.<br />
    -Advance Bytes = how many bytes to advance each run.<br />
    -Advance Position = how many positions/offsets to advance each run. <br />
    -Current Position = The current offset/position the reader is calculating from.<br />
    -Calculated Bytes = the bytes calculated so far during the run.<br />
    -Calculated CRC32 = the CRC32 that is currently being calculated from the bytes being read.<br />
    -Calculated Length = the length of bytes that the CRC32 is calculated from.<br />
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    Note:<br />
    Currently the app only reads the file from beginning to end, so I may add the ability to calculate in reverse later on.<br />
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    Created By : JizzaBeez