[Converted]Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Twin Islands. 04/06/2016

[Converted]Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Twin Islands.

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    Credits to PixelatorJ at PMC for original PC save.<br />
    Link to original post: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/waratah-twin-islands-custom-survival-map/<br />
    Converted the PC save to Xbox 360 just to have fun on.<br />
    Dimensions are 864x864x128 just as a regular Xbox 360 save.<br />
    HOW TO INSTALL:<br />
    1. Create a new world on your Xbox then save and exit<br />
    2. Put the save on your USB<br />
    3. Download the file and extract the savegame.dat to your desktop<br />
    4. Open up horizon, click on your save and go to the contents tab, click replace and find the savegame.dat provided<br />
    5. Save, rehash, and resign.<br />
    6. ???<br />
    7. Profit.<br />
    Notes: You will not be able to mine many ores due to the fact that when I converted the save I had to cope with the Xbox 360 world dimensions. You will only be able to mine down about 30 blocks or so before hitting bedrock, sorry. I think that's it so enjoy.