Castle Crashers 04/06/2016

Castle Crashers

  1. FreddyZVoorhees
    [background=rgb(239,239,239)]How to use:[/background]<br />
    [background=rgb(239,239,239)]1. Open your Xbox 360 profile.[/background]<br />
    [background=rgb(239,239,239)]2. Select your character that you want to mod. Once you are done with that character click "Save Character". (Make sure that after every character you mod, you press the button.)[/background]<br />
    [background=rgb(239,239,239)]3. Mod your money or make all weapons available. Well you don't have to do this step, but whatever. After you mod your money or make all weapons available, click "Save".[/background]<br />
    [background=rgb(239,239,239)]4. Once you are done modding everything, open the "File" menu then click "Close Profile/Final Save".[/background]<br />
    [background=rgb(239,239,239)]5. Rehash and resign your profile.[/background]<br />
    [background=rgb(239,239,239)]6. Put back on HDD, USB, etc.[/background]<br />
    [background=rgb(239,239,239)]7. Play some modded Castle Crashers[/background]
    <br />
    <br />
    [background=rgb(239,239,239)]Just thought about uploading it as now Battleblock theater is free and you get some extras in the game ;)[/background]