Borderlands Modded Save 04/06/2016

Borderlands Modded Save

  1. XPGCaboose
    Ok folks here is my borderlands save. This is my level 61 Hunter. Everything complete, 247Mill+ Shield, Crazy powerful guns, 6000+ backpack slots, 100+ bank slots, and a couple dups of weapons if you feel like dropping them for friends. I don't believe this will pop any cheevos. This is just a save if you want to play around with friends. If you like please let me know and i will up my other 3 characters with pretty much duplicate stats and weapons. Also i can have tons of other guns that i didn't include because these were basically the best ones. If you want the others let me know and i will up them. This is a save after the Knoxx update. Most of these guns will require you to have the Secret Armory DLC.