Borderland 2 :bad ass token glitch 04/06/2016

Borderland 2 :bad ass token glitch

  1. jw
    Borderland 2 :bad ass token glitch .<br />
    <br />
    load save . go to first bul loader you see . fire at him and lure him so that a barricade or blocks are in between you and him . now equip berzerker class mod that regens ammo . use ony level 3 guns in slots 3&4 . fire at him and he should not be able to hit you if you are positioned right . spam the X button to reload over and over . you will be ranking the gunsliger challenge up 1-5 unlimited . after 1 hour i was 1.5 million ranked and had all stats at 51.0% .this will carry over ( stats not tokens ) to all chactures on your gamertag . not my save .