1. EyesOnly
    Altus is a plugin based application for manipulating Xbox package formats. Currently there is no ability to add/remove files, although the structure is in place, just need the plugins to support it. I started writing this program because every time a new development was made it spawned off a new program, we have quite a lot of programmers on the scene if they're all writing the same thing we're just wasting time.<br />
    <br />
    Included Plugins:<br />
    * ImageReader Plugin - Reads any ISO/360/BIN/TAO Xbox image, it will read a burnt Xbox DVD in a standard DVD drive, plus it will unlock and read from original Xbox drives.<br />
    * BF Plugin - Reads King Kong .bf files<br />
    * XZP Plugin - Reads .zxp format (mostly noticed on the Kiosk disc)<br />
    * XIP Plugin - Reads .xip files from the original Xbox