91.3% Completed on Impossible 04/06/2016

91.3% Completed on Impossible

  1. MrDack
    91.3%<br />
    No Co-Op Missions Completed.<br />
    Optional Missions Completed: 7/10<br />
    Total Artifacts Collected:26/40<br />
    EarthGov Artifacts:3/6<br />
    Unitology Artifacts: 6/6<br />
    S.C.A.F artifacts: 10/18<br />
    Alien Artifacts: 7/10<br />
    Total Logs Collected: 60/71<br />
    Text Logs: 11/35<br />
    Audio Logs: 30/36<br />
    Weapon Parts: 59/73<br />
    Blueprints: 11/12<br />
    Circuits: 47/61<br />
    <br />
    Completed on Impossible.<br />
    Over 1mill on all resources. Used the starter save by XPGSensi424<br />
    No achievements pop upon loading. My Buddy will pop when you go to a workbench. I recommend not using before you have the scavenger bot unlocked already on your profile.<br />
    <br />
    [​IMG] & [​IMG] are always welcome.