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  1. Ja
  2. Ja
    Jacob Darka
    red dead redemption
  3. Co
    Vive la Xbox 360
  4. MA
    MASON MARKHAM Jock The Scot
    do you have a tutorial for the 360 hex editor thank you
  5. MA
    is there any way you have a tutorial on the hex editing for the 360 I need the cop cars in the my cars , I connot find anything in the hex codes , thank you
  6. ky
  7. ExoticName
  8. bigmack422
    can someone explain how to upload the right way ???
  9. je
  10. jo
    joejoejoey HiltonJR14
    hey i doubt you will see this and i hate to ask because no one really plays the game anymore lol but could you pm me with a hex guide for xbox 360 nfs most wanted 2005? if you still happen to have it of course I've been going up and down the internet for a hex edit guide and found nothing
  11. gamers2299
    muchas gracias
  12. felipe345
  13. bigmack422
    Man I just can't say enough times thank you to all the xpgamesaves team for all the work ya'll do for us little guys who would be lost without this sight so from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU ALL
  14. PastoPasto
    PastoPasto ScAtMaN
    Hello! Looks like your Dragon's Dogma "The Hero" Achievement Save is no longer avaiable!
    Can you upload it again please?
  15. Al
    Almog channez Remmigiosh
    hey how do i transfer my minecraft update to my xbox 360? any ideas?
    1. Remmigiosh
      For example with an Xbox 360 formatted USB-stick. You can use the program Horizon to put in on the stick. After copying to your JTAG/RGH, you can activate it in FSD or Aurora.
      Jul 8, 2019
  16. yu
    skyrim mods ported to xbox360 in dlc format pleaseee
  17. m3
    remember game save modding
  18. artyom47
    artyom47 gold972
    hi , i want mod menu for ghost please if you have it
  19. artyom47
    artyom47 sensi420
    hi , i want mod menu for ghost please if you have it
  20. ju