How To correctly Read / Write Xbox One Nand


This tutorial is to discuss how to dump the NAND Xbox One. Although until now there is no hack that can be run on the machine Xbox One, but NAND who have been in the dump can be used to repair a machine that may be bricked upon kernel updates online.

[​IMG]This is the motherboard Xbox One. Work area is on the red marked

[​IMG]Prepare SD Card adapter that has been modified. May be coupled QSB (Quick Solder Board) in order to connect to the motherboard becomes more robust and stable (if given the double-sided tape underneath)

[​IMG]Remove and keep resistor R4D2 on the motherboard. It's right next to the Southbridge chip.

[​IMG]Solder resistor 700-800 ohm on components U3C3

[​IMG]Solder resistor 200-300 ohms at J4E1 components and TP4E1

[​IMG]Solder QSB (if needed) at points predetermined

[​IMG]Solder SD Card adapter that has been modified to QSB

Next, connect the machine to a PC Xbox One. The steps are as follows:

  1. Connect power supply Xbox One
  2. Connect SD Card adapter into the SD Card reader
  3. Connect the SD card reader into the USB port of the PC
When the connection is successful, there will be an on-screen notification of new drive in the form of pop ups. Ignore this and press Cancel.

The next step is to open the J-Runner program and follow the steps below:

  1. Select Advanced on the tool bar J-Runner
  2. Select Corona 4GB Read / Write
  3. The drive will be detected as a physical drive in the J-Runner
  4. Check the Full Dump
  5. Press Read and NAND read process will take a long time - about 30 minutes to 5GB of data.
  6. Once completed, NAND store in a safe place.

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