GTA V Online Patch Guide: Avoid console freeze with title updates

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Rockstar have been busy fixing issues with online servers since the online portion of Grand Theft Auto V went live. The publisher giant have released a 39mb title update for PS3 that has actually caused yet more problems for some gamers.

Rockstar have acknowledged the latest title update has caused issues such as character deletion and console freezing.


Here's Xpgamesaves guide on avoiding console freeze or character deletion.

Non digital game owners solution:

Goto your PS3 Menu

Goto Game data tools

Now simply delete the 39 mb file version numbers will be either 1.01 or 1.02

Digital game owners solution:

Start a single player game

Goto your character wheel

Press down to start online game

Accept title update.

If you are worried about data corruption we advise waiting for Rockstar to resolve the issues before going online.
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