Zombie Movie

Enigma Nov 3, 2010

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    not much of a movie but its sumthin i guess :D

    first off your gonna need to activate the teleporter then link it where ya originally start off
    run back to the teleporter
    jump in it and press X
    it will teleport you to the room that has the pack a punch machine
    after you teleport out of there you may end up in a Bedroom (you have to be quick here cos it teleports ya out pretty quick)
    while in the room run up to the bed and you will see what i believe is a Ouija board press X next to it and you will see that some kind of item has been added to your display (it looka like a cog)
    after its teleported you back into the main room(where you start)
    you have to relink the teleporter and reactivate it
    jump back into the teleporter
    you should now be back in the main room upstairs where the projector is
    go to to the left hand side of the teleporter and press X
    it should now start a movie/a few images on the main cinema screen
    dunno how relevant to the game it is but its a find none the less

    Found by me :)


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