Xbox One will accept current-gen gaming headsets

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Xbox One will accept current-gen gaming headsets

IIEvolution85II Jul 31, 2013

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    Xbox One will accept current third party headsets via the use of an adapter, following earlier reports the console will accept only bespoke Xbox One peripherals.

    The confirmation comes via Microsoft lead planner for Xbox One Albert Penello, who responded to queries via Twitter.


    Asked whether an adapter will be available for "current gen hi-end gaming headsets to work on the Xbox One," Penello answered in the affirmatiive.

    "Yes. We will have an adapter that allows current gaming headsets to work."

    Penello also confirmed the adapter will not be bundled with the console, but will be an accessory sold separately.

    Reports from May suggested that Xbox One's proprietary data port would not be compatible with current-gen headsets.

    At the time, a Microsoft spokesperson said the company would share details on how third party peripherals will work in the future.

    "We are working with 3rd party headset manufacturers to create new headsets that will take full advantage of the Xbox One technology," the rep said.

    Penello also confirmed overnight that Microsoft is "looking into" bundling headsets with the Xbox One.

    Source: CVG
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