Xbox One VS PS4: Why Microsoft's Console Is Becoming The Best

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Xbox One VS PS4: Why Microsoft's Console Is Becoming The Best

OXO Jul 31, 2014

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    Since the launch of the Next Gen consoles back in November 2013 there is no denying that Sony stormed the lead in the battle for supremacy, but that's all changing and the Xbox One is getting better every month thanks to the regular updates it is receiving.

    Out of the gates the Xbox One fell foul to bad publicity largely due to DRM policies and a mandatory Kinect, both of which Microsoft have dropped along with several other bad choices.

    Thanks to the bad choices made by the Xbox Team at the time and a desire to take over living rooms with a 'Multi entertainment' system, Sony stormed ahead with sales of the PS4 creating a sales gap that seemed impossible to close.

    Microsoft have fought back with pure grit and determination using the one ally they alienated in the beginning to create a better Xbox One.
    Team Xbox headed up by Phil Spencer created a website to allow Xbox One fans to post their feedback. It gave the gamers the opportunity to shape the console how it should of been released and marketed from the start.

    The feedback provided by the gamers has been used to create a steady stream of updates for the Xbox which get released once a month. Each month the Xbox One receives both mandatory changes and also new features which not only stabilize the console and improve performance but also make it a better games machine.

    Whilst Microsoft has been collecting feedback from Xbox owners and releasing a stream of steady updates, the same can not be said of Sony, in fact the updates that the PS4 has been receiving has started to anger some Sony fans.
    The few updates that the PS4 has received have been minor updates to fix stability issues.

    Even though the PS4 is still the most popular console right now the Xbox One regular updates coupled with the best exclusives and more apps are seeing the Xbox One rise in popularity.
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