Xbox One Users Modified Dashboard Gets MS interest

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Xbox One Users Modified Dashboard Gets MS interest

Bullet Jan 12, 2014

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    An Xbox user on Reddit has redesigned the current somewhat clumsy Xbox One dash. losgarcias posted his Xbox One dashboard designs (which you can see below) on reddit which caught the eye of Major Nelson.
    Anybody that has an Xbox One right now will know that the in game menu lacks functionality and really lacks in design. This has inspired some homegrown designs to start appearing and quite frankly I think these designs blow the current Xbox One menus clean out of the water.

    The designs also caught the eye of Major Nelson who said that the designs were " Nice" and that he had forwarded them onto the design team.

    The enthusiast in game menu design incorporates features that are currently missing from the actual menus, such as battery indicator, and the ability to add friends or see what friends are doing easily.

    Lets hope the design team takes the designs on board and we see some much needed updates real soon.

    Click on the images below to enlarge them and let us know what you think below:

    View attachment: menu 1.jpg
    View attachment: menu 2.jpg
    View attachment: menu 3.jpg
    View attachment: menu 4.jpg
    View attachment: menu 5.jpg
    View attachment: menu 6.jpg
    View attachment: menu 7.jpg
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