Xbox One: No 1080p or 60fps anytime soon

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Bullet, Jan 31, 2014.

Xbox One: No 1080p or 60fps anytime soon

Bullet Jan 31, 2014

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    Pete Dodd has been talking on Twitter about why the Xbox One will not run at 60 FPS and 1080p resolution any time soon.

    Rumor has it that the Xbox One will be getting a major update in March to address the issues with the current user interface which Dodd called a mess:
    “I talked to so many dev's who said the UI was a mess. They did a great job pulling it together.” This was the case even though, “It crashed a lot of debug units right up till launch. System launched…Stable UI.”

    Harsh buy true words, anyone that currently owns an Xbox One will be all to aware that the user interface feels clumsy and doesn't always function as intended and it also suffers with random errors that even Xbox support don't know what they are.

    When it come ot the graphics on the Next Gen console Dodd stated:
    “Cloud won’t help with rendering. Not for half a decade at minimum. As for 1080p/60fps – not anytime soon but tools will improve.”

    So what about the extra 8% GPU that Microsoft are going to free up?

    “A little. Card is still weak. Worst decision they made making the box. Kinect is expensive so they went with a cheap gpu.”

    So the reason behind the low resolution and frame rates all boil down to low speed and power output.

    Lets be honest, if you read this and didn't know what console we were talking about, you wouldn't think we were talking about a Next Gen console would you?
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    1. Jt
      xbox one was rushed out at launch, m$ dont give a Fecal Leaking about their product as we all know from previous consoles, all they think about is money money and more money. Im staying well away from the next gen as i think many others are also doing, 360 for me for the next few years.
    2. Wo
      SONY doesn't give a flying crap about their PS4 either. I would say the PS4 was rushed and not well thought out either.

      The 720p isn't a problem cause you can change it from it's default setting to 1080p. I should know this cause I have done it with both the Xbox 360 Phat and the Xbox 360 Slim, its just a simple fix that you have to do to get games to play on a 1080p TV via a HDMI cable and not anlog style

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