Xbox One Mods Can Ban For Twitch Abuse

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Xbox One Mods Can Ban For Twitch Abuse

Bullet Feb 28, 2014

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    Xbox One moderators will have the ability to temporarily or permanently ban Xbox Live members who broadcast inappropriate content via the system's revamped Twitch app, according to a new report.

    Polygon claims that "Xbox moderators will be keeping an eye out for abuse of the Twitch app", with those caught facing the possibility of permanent exclusion from Xbox Live.

    Moderators will also have the ability to disable users from broadcasting over Twitch, without banning them completely from Xbox Live.

    "We are able to quickly remove any inappropriate content that we observe or is flagged by our ever vigilant moderators and users," Twitch's vice president of marketing Matthew DiPietro told the site. "And we have a close partnership with both Sony and Microsoft regarding moderation processes and teams."

    Twitch broadcasting is set to be introduced with the new Xbox One system update on March 11, allowing users to broadcast live gameplay sessions.

    A similar service has been available on PS4 since launch but was hit by players streaming explicit content via PlayStation Camera title The Playroom.
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