Xbox One Is Fighting Back.... Look Out PS4

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Xbox One Is Fighting Back.... Look Out PS4

Bullet Apr 5, 2014

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    The launch of a new console never runs smooth, and that was certainly the case for the Xbox One.
    It was always only a two horse race to be the 'Next Gen' console and Sony pulled off a fantastic start there is no doubt about that, outselling the Xbox One for 4 months, however the Xbox One is fighting back.


    The Xbox One appeared to be having an identity crisis way before any launch date was ever revealed with its DRM policies and always online connection, which thankfully were all reversed. Microsoft have got a new weapon in their arsenal now and its name....

    Phil Spencer

    [imgwrap='left'][/imgwrap]Phil Spencer leads Microsoft Studios and oversees creative teams around the world developing games, entertainment and premium content experiences for Microsoft’s family of devices including Xbox One, Xbox 360, Kinect, Surface, Windows PC and mobile phones. Phil Spencer readily admits that Microsoft lost its way with the Xbox One, but fully intends to make the next gen console all about 'Gaming first'.

    Spencer is passionate about gaming and is all for listening to what we, 'The Gamers' really want, which is a games console first and home entertainment second, he promises to put 'gaming first' and that the Xbox One needs to have the 'stamp of the gamer”.

    Microsoft are currently working on universal apps which means they will work across all windows platforms including the Xbox One, this means that we can expect many more apps a lot faster on the console in the future. Information has been released via a Microsoft employee that the Xbox One will also be getting background apps and music in the form of a new universal Spotify app which you will be able to snap and use as a background app whilst playing your favorite games such as TitanFall.

    The power of cloud will also play a key role in the success of the Xbox One, not only is it set to make the system more powerful but also there is talk on backwards compatibility via a Xbox 360 emulator.

    Keeping in mind that its only early doors for a console that is forecast to last a decade and the passion of the new head of Xbox I believe that the Xbox One will indeed fight back.
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    1. hansolo77
      I'm still waiting to buy mine.
    2. xACHILLIESx
      <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="epicnewb" data-time="1396756740">
      No offense, but isn't this old news?
      This happened a week ago i believe but still some people dont always keep up with todays news still a good post.
    3. Bullet
      This wasn't specific news about Phil Spencer, more of a round up really!<br><br>
      I covered all the points in this article as they happened...
    4. Yumiyashi
      Lol, I don't really keep to up-to-date on the Xbox stuff. I just play and only look for release dates. :3
    5. LVZX
      I really don't mind it being based on Entertainment and Gaming. I actually love it how it is now, the ability to instantly swap between apps and games it's practically limitless. Being able to watch TV within seconds with the most simplistic form of navigation, what's not to like? Nothing! Anyhow, each to their own.

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