Xbox One DRM Still Present And Causing Issues

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Xbox One DRM Still Present And Causing Issues

Bullet Dec 17, 2013

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    [background=#FFFFFF]Microsoft's Digital Rights Management System, or "DRM", reared its ugly head during a local tournament for the Xbox One title Killer Instinct in New York City on 12 December 2013. During a live broadcast of the tournament on, it appears that Microsoft's DRM system on the Xbox One activated, dropping the players back into the Xbox One Operating Systems' "Home" screen and prompting them to verify that they "own this game or app". It took nearly four minutes to resolve the DRM issue by connecting to the Internet to verify the software as genuine. This issue may prove to be a deal-breaker for the Tournament Organizers Party, which may opt not to run tournaments for games on the system, including Killer Instinct, should DRM issues such as these continue.[/background]
    [background=#FFFFFF]The owner of the Xbox One console said on stream that the DRM check "wouldn't happen if you go [into] Offline [mode]", though he followed up that statement with "it very rarely happens [at home] If I'm Online... once in a blue moon". This indicates that owners of Xbox One consoles are just as confused as everyone else is about the DRM, which means that you'd probably have better luck trying to get CDJr to stop complaining about Sabrewulf and just play the damn game than trying to understand how the DRM schemes work. You can view the incident on the[/background] [background=#FFFFFF]"Nycfurby" channel.[/background]

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