Xbox One Dev kit Functionality Coming Soon

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Xbox One Dev kit Functionality Coming Soon

XPG Darkside Feb 17, 2015

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    Microsoft is planning to announce the universal App platform during its Build conference in April this year, and it is also reported, the company will announce the ability to use the Xbox One console as a Dev kit.

    It was first announced way back in 2013 by Microsoft, that the Xbox One could be used as a Developer Kit, however not much more has been mentioned since then. This is set to change when Microsoft announce it's plans for cross-platform apps.

    According to The Verge, Microsoft will publish an SDK preview in May to accompany the retail to dev kit switch, both of which, will be available publicly for developers to begin creating apps this summer, rather than keeping app development to a closed group of developers.

    The Xbox One SDK already leaked back in December last year, and is available to download from various sources on the net. The modding community is already looking at ways to exploit the console, access gamesaves and more. At the moment its unclear how this developer access will benefit modding.

    Due to the fact that Microsoft has been quite about the Xbox One dev kit functionality on their next gen consoles since 2013, it was believed that the company had written the idea off. This latest news has proved that theory wrong.
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