Xbox One Cost Microsoft a $400m Loss

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Xbox One Cost Microsoft a $400m Loss

OXO Aug 10, 2014

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    Microsoft are reporting losses of over $400 million since it was released back in November.
    The company spent a staggering $2.1 billion on the production and launch of the Next Gen console which is being outsold 3:1 by Sony's PS4.

    This is alarming news and its now apparent why Microsoft shareholders are so keen to drop the Xbox franchise. This is why Team Xbox are fighting so hard to improve the Xbox One and improve sales.

    The latest advertising campaign for the Xbox One reflects Microsoft's position right now, portraying the Xbox as the underdog, and a fighter but the real truth is that the Xbox One is fighting a loosing battle.

    With companies like Crytek turning away from the Xbox One the future is not looking good. Crytek were forced to take the flagship game for the Xbox One 'Ryse: Son Of Rome' to the PC platform to recoup losses due to low sales on the Xbox One.

    It has also been announced that 'Dead rising 3' is also coming to PC which is great for PC gamers, but if you have a gaming quality PC, and Xbox One games come to the PC, then why would you buy an Xbox One?
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