Xbox Live Services Down, Affects Twitch,PBS,Social and Gaming

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Bullet, Jul 31, 2014.

Xbox Live Services Down, Affects Twitch,PBS,Social and Gaming

Bullet Jul 31, 2014

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    If you are having issues using certain aspects of Xbox Live then don't worry because you are not alone.
    Microsoft are aware of the issues that are affecting services such as Twitch, PBS and certain features of Xbox Live.

    You may be experiencing issues posting statistics to leaderboards and unlocking achievements on Xbox One. Some gamers are also reporting black screen whilst attmepting to launch games or applications on Xbox 360. Microsoft are fully aware of these issues as well as the affected services listed below and are all over it, so rest assured normal services will be resumed soon!

    If you are having difficulties not listed here then let us know below and we can reach out on your behalf.
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    1. sp
      its weird I cant see any of my friends
    2. Deeked
      PBS? Who gives a rats a$$.
    3. Vizr
      Rainbow off, it was only down for 30 minutes. and beyond that the blank screens is an issue on a personal level. When fucks that have a crappy pipe and try to connect to the service. Rainbow those ******* with **** internet ruining everyone elses experience.
      (Mind you it's just a issue with the friends app./Server issue which gets resolve in minutes. Not days, month, flubber yrs)
      Learn how to use the flubber console and just open up the party app and view whos online from their. Just avoid the friends app.

      PBS, twitch apps who gives a ****.

      and F - U - C - K this comment verificational system of S - H -I -T
    4. TheTripleDeuce
      i have a solution if your experiencing this:
      <p class="">
      <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote">
      <p class="">2014-07-31 3:55:17 PM Canada Central Standard Time:
      It’s come to our attention that some of you are seeing a black screen when attempting to launch games and applications. Hang in there, Xbox members, we’re on it! Thanks for your patience while we work to resolve this issue. We’ll update you again as soon as we have more information.

      what i did was unplugged my ethernet powered on 360 launched game got to lets say cod blops 2 xbox live screen plugged in ethernet, connected to xbox live and played
      verified working with blops 2 (havent tried XBLA or GOD games yet)
    5. Ze
      Anyone having the same problem as me, Each time I'm playing I have an update time each play, like i go Gears 3, then Halo 4, after Sniper Elite 3 and it repeats it self.
    6. TheTripleDeuce
      yes its on day 2 of these issues and no update from M$ yet

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