Xbox Live Down, Lizard Squad Claiming Responsibility

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Xbox Live Down, Lizard Squad Claiming Responsibility

Heavy Smoker Feb 16, 2015

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    Xbox Live is currently experiencing issues which began on February the 16th. The Xbox Live Status dashboard still showing that there is continuing limited access to the network which began in the early hours of the morning.

    The notorious Lizard Squad is Claiming Responsibility for the Xbox Live downtime. The hackers which took down the Xbox Live and PSN online services over the Christmas holidays claim that they are currently taking Xbox Live down using denial of service( DDoS) attacks.

    The last Xbox One downtime was stopped when Kim Dotcom actually paid the squad with 'Mega vouchers' to stop the attacks on the online gaming services. The deal was that the attacks stopped in return for 3,000 free cloud hosting vouchers worth $99 each.

    Kim Dotcom stated that if the attacks continued then the vouchers would be null and void, that does not appear to have deterred the Lizard Squad who have teamed up with another group called LNO (Like None Other) to wage war against Xbox Live and telling Kim Dotcom to "Shove his vouchers."

    This appears to be just the start of the latest rampage from the Lizards who claim that there's "More to come, it's about time to re-ignite lizardsquad"

    The FinestSquad, whitehat hacking group state on Twitter that they are helping Microsoft mitigate the DDos attacks on the Xbox Live service and state that the outages should stop within a few hours.

    The Finest say that normal service should be resumed in Europe with America's service at 73%.

    Is Xbox Live down in your region or are you able to get online and use the full Xbox Live services? Let us know in the comments below along with the region you are in.
    Also what do you think about the attacks on Xbox Live, do you think Lizard Squad should of honored their deal with Kim Dotcom or did you expect this to happen?
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