Xbox 360 Servers Staying up says Phil Spencer

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Xbox 360 Servers Staying up says Phil Spencer

Bullet Jan 20, 2016

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    There has been a lot of speculation about when the Xbox 360 servers would be switched off, a lot of Xbox fans speculated that it would be some time during 2016, this is largely due to the fact that Microsoft marketing executive Yusuf Mehdi stated back in 2013 that the Xbox 360 would be supported for around three more years.
    That comment has been taken to mean that the Xbox 360 servers would be pulled down sometime during 2016 by some. However this theory was recently squashed by the head of all things Xbox, Mr Phil Spencer via Twitter. When asked by an Xbox 360 fan if the servers would be pulled this year Phil Spencer simply replied ' Not True'.
    One Xbox fan pointed out that the Xbox 360 servers were actually needed to stay up because of the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. STARBOY HSP said "Xbox live on x360 can't die it's the same server that run on the Xone X360BC games".
    When the question of whether that fact is actually true or not was put to Phil Spencer by Josh Luck, Phil Spencer did not respond. Josh asked "Phil when the time does come to shut down the 360 servers, how will that impact back compat titles?"
    Mehdi did one mention that another 100 games would be released on the Xbox 360 by 2016. This may well have been the 'ongoing support' that he was referring to, rather than the Xbox 360 server support.
    For now at least, the Xbox 360 is alive and well!
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