X360A Review: Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC

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X360A Review: Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC

Rocky Nov 30, 2012

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    If the Citadel is the Yin in the Mass Effect universe, then Omega is most certainly the Yang. It’s a necessary evil and is as much an integral part of the universe as the galactic core, the Citadel. While the Citadel is pristine and full of law and order, Omega is anything but. A space station full of backstabbing, deception, filth and one that houses the worst of the worst inhabitants of BioWare’s universe, the weird mushroom shaped structure, last seen in Mass Effect 2, becomes the setting for BioWare’s latest and most aptly named piece of Mass Effect 3 DLC, Omega.

    If you’ll recall from the main Mass Effect 3 story, resident Mass Effect badass, Aria T’Loak, crimelord of the galaxy’s seedy underworld and former queen of Omega, has found herself ejected from the eponymous space station with Cerberus occupation well underway. Time has come for Aria to get it back and she needs the help of Shepard. If he helps, Aria has pledged a plethora of extra assets for his war effort against the Reapers.


    You'll head to Omega in a bid to prise the Cerberus grip from its jugular and return it to its less dictator-ridden ways…well, slightly less dictator-ridden ways. It’s hard to believe that the space station was in better hands with Aria steering the ship, but that’s true. You’ll be tasked with freeing the citizens, assisting the rebels known as the Talons, powering down the Cerberus-installed shields and regaining a foothold before you head to take down the devious strategist and head of the Omega occupation, Oleg Petrovsky.

    You’ll be sweeping the streets of Cerberus scum, fighting through alleyways, warehouses, power plants and mines, all in a bid to get further into the heart of the space station and stop Petrovsky who has holed himself up in Omega’s neon-drenched nightclub, Afterlife. Those expecting a typical Mass Effect experience should look elsewhere however, as Omega is a combat-centric DLC with action at the forefront, but given that it’s effectively a military style operation in a hostile environment, this kind of makes sense.

    We’re not excusing that fact though, we’re merely justifying it. In truth, Mass Effect 3’s Omega DLC lacks the story and moral choices that made Mass Effect what it is today. There are key points throughout the 3-4 hour slog that have some semblance of Mass Effect’s trademark pivotal moments, but without spoiling it, the consequences can be fairly tame and underwhelming in comparison to other choices Shepard has had to make during his distinguished career.


    Omega does present a few firsts for the Mass Effect universe, for one, you’ll get to meet the first female Turian, Nyreen Kandros, who’ll help Shepard and Aria out at intervals throughout the episode. That’s right, Aria doesn’t like your squad so she’s asked Shepard to come alone for this one. There’s also a couple of new enemies too, like the Omni-blade wielding and more agile mech units, known as Rampart Mechs, as well as the new Reaper manipulated beasts known as the Adjutants. For the most part though, you’ll be fighting against Cerberus troops and the odd Atlas here and there.

    In addition there’s a couple of new weapons to take away, as well as some new weapon mods – notably, the Onmi-blade shotgun and thermal sniper scope attachments – a few new powers Shepard can assign after he’s finished the mission – Lash, and the powerful, Flare – and of course, more War Assets.

    Whether you'll like the Omega DLC or not ultimately boils down to how much you like Aria. The cold-blooded and stone-hearted Asari is as ruthless as she is tactical, but like crazed killer and psychopath, Jack, AKA Subject Zero, you should know that time around Shepard can soften the hardest of hearts. She’s a complex character and spending time with her and getting to know her a little more is rather pleasant and in fact, the episode on the whole proves to be enjoyable for the most part. But in terms of what Mass Effect can offer, Omega is a relatively disappointing jaunt.


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