Windows 95 Ported To N3DS

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Windows 95 Ported To N3DS

Bullet Jan 2, 2016

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    2016 is looking to be a great year for the Homebrew scene, Fail0verflow managed to hack the PS4 and not only run Linux but also Pokemonon the next gen console as proof of concept, and now we learn that Shuterbug20001 has managed to port Windows 95 to the Nintendo NEW 3DS.
    The GBATemp member (Shuterbug2000) has upload a video showing the N3DS booting W95 on Youtube which you can view below.
    When asked how the WIN95 frame rate is on the N3DS Shutterbug2000 replied "It's not really laggy, but definitely not fast either (not sure of an exact number)."
    Currently WIN95 will not run on the older 3DS, this may change in the near future with some tweaking, it is believed there is not enough RAM on the older handheld.
    When asked how he got this working the response was simply "I tried compiling the dosbox from libretro, and using retroarch to emulate dosbox. Yet, every time, it froze on a rainbow glitchy mess. So, I gave up for a while.
    Until tonight.
    So, I tried it on my n3ds, and it just worked. So, I think the o3ds just isn't powerful enough to run dosbox, or there's not enough ram
    You can find out how to get WIN95 running on N3DS for yourself right here.
    If you do try this, please post your results in our forums. We would be interested to see what you guys do with this!
    Kudos to Shutterbug2000.
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