Who Really Won The Next Gen Battle?

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Who Really Won The Next Gen Battle?

Bullet Jul 2, 2014

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    Microsoft dominated Sony for eight years with the release of the Xbox 360 and Sony were not going to allow that to happen again, so the gloves were off in the battle of the 8th Gen consoles.

    Microsoft got off to a poor start with strict DRM policies announced that would prevent the sharing of pre-owned games, a point which Sony took full advantage of at E3 when they mocked Microsoft stating that their games could be shared as easily as handing it to a friend.

    More bad choices were made by Microsoft as they announced other features that angered their fan base. Always on connection, mandatory Kinect were also announced and then later reversed when it became clear gamers where not happy. All the while Sony were reveling at all the bad press Microsoft were receiving and mocked the Xbox One every chance they got.

    Sony went on to outsell Microsoft's consoles by several million to date by simply giving gamers what they really wanted the whole time ... a game's console that played games. Whilst the Xbox team were trying to ram a mandatory motion controller and TV features down gamers throats, Sony were promoting the games with a clever slogan "4TheGamers". It has been almost eight months since the release of the 'Next Gen' consoles and things are now starting to really hot up as both companies strive to get the best exclusives signed up.

    Microsoft have made some major changes since the release of the Xbox One not only to the console with a constant stream of updates to the console to improve its features, but also to the team behind the Xbox. Since Phil Spencer became head of all things Xbox the competition between the two 8th gen consoles means that its us 'The Gamers' that really won the battle of the next gen consoles.
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