Preview Welcome to the festival: all-new Forza Horizon gameplay

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Preview Welcome to the festival: all-new Forza Horizon gameplay

omegaultimo2 Sep 18, 2012

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    The Forza series is headed off the beaten track to visit its own shindig in the desert. VG247 got access to the Horizon Festival and brought back some hot flashing imagery.
    Forza Horizon is giving the Forza series more glamour than ever before. The game is based around the Horizon Festival a place to celebrate all great things in life, including fast cars. It’s an opportunity to let your hair down behind some of the world’s fastest automobiles.
    At a recent preview event, we got a chance to see the opening moments of the game and to get a glimpse of the game’s more interesting races.
    First up, let’s take a look at the Forza Horizon’s opening sequence, explaining the start of the festival, a few characters you’ll meet and the town hub, where you can customize and play your petrol-based experience. Design director Ralph Fulton held our hands.
    Forza Horizon releases exclusively on Xbox 360 starting October 23.
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