Watch Dogs Punishes You For Going 'Offline'

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Watch Dogs Punishes You For Going 'Offline'

Bullet May 21, 2014

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    The world of Watch Dogs has been likened to Grand Theft Auto mainly because they are both open world action adventure games, the thing that separates the two games is that the main character of Ubisofts upcoming game is a hacker vigilante that has the ability to hack into the network, traffic lights, vehicles and even other players! But being that players are able to hack each other also has a downside according to images we found over at Spawnfirst today.
    It would seem as though Ubisoft will be dishing out resets on your Notoriety and also your notoriety skills if you disconnect from your online connection.

    Click image to enlarge:

    Image courtesy of SpawnFirst

    As you can see from the image it clearly states " By disabling Online Invasions you will not be available for other players to invade, but you will also not be able to participate in Online Hacking and Tailing. Your Notoriety will be reset to 0 and any Notoriety Skills you have unlocked will be lost.

    Do you want to disable Online Invasions?"

    When Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would need an always online connection it was met with uproar from the gaming community , and yet we are seeing more and more games insist that you stay connected to the internet during gameplay.

    So what does this mean for you, has it changed your opinion of the game or do you feel its fair that you have to remain online or get reset to zero?

    Let us know your thoughts below.
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    1. sensi420
    2. TheTripleDeuce
      thats just dumb, what happens if you leave that turned on and your power goes out?
    3. AnAlgolagniac
      Well not getting this game now.... It doesnt even look that fun now... just because I want to have fun by myself and not worry about trolls for a bit doesnt mean I should be reset....
    4. Mr
      I dont think this game is as impressive as GTA5 was, its way smaller, that action is similar, the graphics are NOT, its ok at best, the only difficult part is driving as the car behaves like in the real world. so it can be hard to escape the police for example.

      But i guess the Hype will get the better of people yet again, this was disapointing though.
    5. madasahat
      I posted that image a few days ago on XPG and knew it would cause some groans as I did when I saw it
    6. cu
      Well do we even know what these skills are? They might just be something to do with the online. Perhaps it wont even effect your gameplay as these skills may effect things like how fast people can hack you. I don't think it's crazy but then again I haven't played the game yet so I can't really say. Nothing to go up in arms over unless its something we really need.

      Further more It looks like this is only if you disable invasions not just go offline.
    7. Br
      I guess ubisot has a lot of money and they dont need to Sell this game either way online sucks for me Single Player Offline Rullez !
    8. StarkillerAkatsuki
      It takes away online features, as in things you don't need offline.

      It's like CoD taking away levels in the campaign, it's okay because you don't use it offline.
    9. ki
      thats cool, its a way for legit players to keep multiplayer alive and find more players.

      also you'll be able to play offline by just disconnecting from the internet.
    10. im
      wasn't planning on taking this game online tbh
    11. mambru
      wow! I saw that coming, I mean its pretty upsetting when your trying to skill up and gain knowledge before you go online against people who already know and skills are way top. am going to test it out first offline and when i go online prolly get reset too so on that part i don't think they play it fair.
    12. Wa
      From what I saw the notoriety skills do have some advantages like
      More bullet damage to vehicles
      Longer nitro boost in car races
      Longer duration of jam comes
      Hide better in your car
      Smaller hacking zones
      And profiling becomes more accurate

      I think some of these are a plus to your game if you like

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