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xpghax Feb 10, 2013

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    in sidey's basement :(

    Easy server installer (Complete server pack)
    This server pack based on Bliss Private Server.

    - DayZ
    - Bliss Private Hive server
    - Easy Server setup script
    - Latest ArmA 2 Beta patch
    - BlissAdmin support
    - Other stuff

    Fresh install:
    0. (Steam version only) Copy Arma 2 and OA in one folder = Combined Operations
    1. Download from Github and extract all files and folders in ArnA 2 Combined Operations folder
    2. Run dayz_server_setup.bat with Administrator mode and follow the instructions
    3. After the setup, start the server with dayz_server.bat

    -->[​IMG] <--

    Latest Updates

    Easy Server Installer downloader and updater available
    ESI Downloader can download and update the Easy Server Installer files.
    Download and extract the ESI-Downloader.rar file to an empty folder and run installer.bat.

    When download/update finished, copy the downloaded files from DayZ-Private folder in to ArmA 2 folder.
    If a new commit available on github, just run the installer.bat again.


    Big update!
    All custom DayZ map finally supported! You can spawn vehicles too!
    But you need to download these maps manually:

    Lingor Island ftp://dayzcommander:...ZLingor-1.1.rar mod folder: @dayzlingor
    Takistan ftp://dayzcommander:...akistan-1.5.rar mod folder: @dayztakistan
    Panthera ftp://dayzcommander:...anthera-1.6.rar mod folder: @dayzpanthera
    Fallujah ftp://dayzcommander:...allujah-1.3.rar mod folder: @dayzfallujah
    Zargabad ftp://dayzcommander:...argabad-1.3.rar mod folder: @dayzzargabad
    Namalsk ftp://dayzcommander:...amalsk-0.60.rar mod folder: @dayz;@dayz_namalsk
    Celle http://opendayz.net/.../Celle_Dayz.zip mod folder: @mbg_celle2;@dayz_celle

    or use the DayZ Commander

    Block UDP outbound 29910 port if you have a problem with joining your server, or buy ArmA 2 CO.

    How to Decrease the server CPU usage

    1. Download ProLasso and start it
    2. Start the server and find arma2oaserver.exe in ProLasso
    3. Right click on it and Less common actions -> Default hard throttle level and here set to Moderate(half cpu usage)

    No need to do again after server restart.

    How to update the old Abdul's database [1.7.2.X ->]

    1. Download Navicat for MySQL trial.
    2. Download abdul2.2_to_bliss0.13.sql file.
    3. Start the DayZ server or only the MySQL server if you know how.

    Start navicat and create a New Connection.

    Connection Name: leave empty
    Host Name/IP Adress: localhost
    Port: 3310
    User: root
    Password: 123456

    Press OK button and double click on localhost_3310 on the left side of Navicat.
    Right click on dayz and select Execute SQL file... than select the abdul2.2_to_bliss0.13.sql file and click on Start button.

    Create an empty v0.13.up file into server_setup\xampp folder or it will always say "You must reinstall the server..."

    Ok and thats it,your server should be good to go ;)

    here is some tips on how you can fix some basic problems:

    Problem: You have kicked (or banned) from the server
    Solution: Buy the game or change the key in dayz_server_setup

    Problem: Invalid CD key
    Solution: Buy the game or block the UDP 29910 outbound port in your firewall software. (server side)

    Problem: Stuck on "Loading" screen
    Solution: Disable UAC in Windows 7 then run dayz_server_setup and select 0 - Reinstall the server

    Problem: The server window spamming "Load mission from bank"
    Solution: Check your config file (Sanctuary\config.cfg) and check the mission file name

    I am currently working on a way to setup my own game server rentals once i have perfected the server setup process,so we can then offer XPG dedicated servers to people ;)

    if this idea appeals to people i will get it started as soon as i can ;)
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    Playstation 3
    Is there a way to set up an auto restart for this type of install?

    Other than the restart everything here seems to work great! Thanks for the files!
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    in sidey's basement :(
    only just noticed your reply, did you manage to get the auto restart to work?

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