Upcoming Xbox One updates to fix party chat and add features

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Upcoming Xbox One updates to fix party chat and add features

PK89 Feb 5, 2014

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    Microsoft has prepared two system updates for Xbox One that will improve many of the system's features, including the problematic Party system. The first update will arrive in February, the second in March.

    On February 11, you'll be asked to update your Xbox One as soon as it connects to the Internet. The update comes with many behind the scenes improvements ranging from general stability to improved fluidity of Kinect voice commands.

    On the front end of the update comes a feature that's been heavily requested by the Xbox community, the ability to manage your console's storage space. Once the update is installed, you'll be able to control the order that content installs, watch updates as they progress and view and organize your games and apps in separate lists.

    Once the February update is installed, you'll also be able to see how much battery power remains in your controller right from the home screen. Additionally, you'll be able to use USB keyboards with Xbox One.
    Microsoft says that these are just a few of the improvements that will be packaged into the update, and plans to release more information closer to the update's release.

    The second update will arrive on March 4. This update is primarily to prepare Xbox One for the release of Titanfall. Details on this update are a little scarce, but Microsoft says that it will finally update the party and multiplayer systems significantly.

    The February 11 update will mark the first update that the Xbox One has received since early December of last year.

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