Ubisoft Considering Bid for THQ

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Ubisoft Considering Bid for THQ

Rocky Dec 21, 2012

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    With THQ recently filing for bankruptcy, it appears that Ubisoft is potentially considering a bid to buy up the ailing publisher's assets, should THQ work through its financial troubles. Should Ubisoft acquire THQ's assets, it would snatch up the company's brands and development studios in the process.

    Although THQ is on the market, there are no planned studio or office closures, and a so-called 'stalking horse bid' with an investor essentially means that the publisher's debts will be written off, enabling the business to continue operating, making for a more desirable acquisition.

    Sources say that Ubisoft is currently in lengthy talks with THQ and presumably new owners Clearlake Investments regarding the brokering of a deal. Allegedly, Ubisoft is looking for a 'bargain buy' according to sources, and is happy to wait until THQ sells off specific assets like it did with Midway four years ago.

    Ubisoft's acquisition of THQ - if the reports from sources turn out to be legitimate - would mean a takeover of five studios, such as Volition and Vigil with intellectual properties including Saints Row, Darksiders, Homefront, Red Faction and licenses like WWE and Warhammer 40K. As with any rumour, take this with a pinch of salt, but for Ubisoft, acquiring THQ's brands and studios could be an enormously savvy move.

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