Titanfall bans have begun !!

Discussion in 'Articles' started by XPG Darkside, Mar 18, 2014.

Titanfall bans have begun !!

XPG Darkside Mar 18, 2014

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    Thedeveloper Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that it has started kicking players from the game over cheating activity.

    It follows confirmation that anti-cheat measures are coming to Titanfall soon.

    Over on Twitter; Respawn confirmed that policing measures were rolling now:



    Make sense?

    Let us know what you think below.

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    1. zo
      Not sure if it going on with the Xbox but I was loading 4 shotgun shells to the head of some guy yesterday and he was not going down. This happened a few times.

      Could be lag though, I have not noticed any cheating on the Xbox yet really to be honest.
    2. dnq6
      Yes! Finally a game that has used some smart tactics to avoid hackers! Heaps of other games just release a game with all this cheat prevention stuff that they end up bypassing! But these guys haven't used it yet! making the hackers unknown to how they will defend the game! yet the developers will know exactly what the hackers have done!
    3. xACHILLIESx
      Yeah some how it has been used on xbox one. I know for a fact saw a guy aimed one direction than snapped 180 and shot another guy. I got killed by him later on in the game and there is no way watched the kill cam and he did the same thing to me. So some how aim bot has hit xbox one. There is no way there is someone that good.
    4. thedude00
      Fecal Leaking I didn't even know you could cheat. Where have I been?
    5. Ps
      <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="ShangTsung" data-time="1395209557">
      who cares ffs! the game doesn't even have a campaign, its a total piece of **** and i haven't the slightest clue why its getting so much hype.. are there seriously that many people into the repetitive online multiplayer deathmatch thing? and if so that is truly sad.. i'll be so glad when this game goes away, Titanfall is literally the only popular topic of every game site i've been on, its ridiculous! no offense to the fans but c'mon! its JUST a freakin online deathmatch game, get over it!
      must be a playstation fan who doesn't like the fact EA are becoming more exclusive to XBOX.... Shame that there are a lot of saddo playstation owners out there giving a great game bad feedback because that is how low they are...
    6. Ps
      <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="phampharm" data-time="1395251373">
      I totally agree. I love myself a good old fashion campaign to go with my online multiplayer. I'd feel like I was getting more bang for my buck. Battlefield 4 was a perfect example for me.
      BF4... Short campaign that was too easy on the hardest difficulty and the multiplayer is completely different from BF3 even though BF3 perfected it, BF4 overall is an average game that i purchased and can not stand the sight of...

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