TitanFall 2: Bonus Features?

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TitanFall 2: Bonus Features?

Nasyr Feb 17, 2015

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    The makers of the first game, Electronic Arts, have recently stated that TitanFall 2 is something that probably could happen. Which in other words, means it's for sure going to happen. Who knows if they will follow the same name but, that's also likely too. As TitanFall was a success on the Next Gen consoles, they really have thought about the upcoming of another game. The older consoles, such as Xbox 360 and PS3, really was a bit of a struggle. The delayed release and bugs that followed really didn't hit it off for the liking of any of the owners of those consoles. Which then was the release of the statement from the company that they don't care about the money they make, simply to see gamers enjoying what they have built for them. This world of unknown, I guess you can say.

    Something good for PS4 gamers to keep in mind is that the developer Respawn is working there bits of magic over there to get there TF 2 to play compatibly on the PS4. It is already set in stone for Xbox One gamers but, the PS4 is still in the works as of. They do expect to bring there best team to work on this game to add many different modes, stories, and much more stuff in the game. Many of you may have found TitanFall to be plainly just online gaming but, they have said that is soon to change. They don't intend to make in into a Cod but, they do intend to make peoples jaws drop and let the word "wow" slip out. ​
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