The Xbox One IS Better Than The PS4 Proof

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The Xbox One IS Better Than The PS4 Proof

Bullet Nov 27, 2014

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    Its been a year since the battle between Sony and Microsoft began, the battle for supremacy, the struggle to be the best next gen console!
    Its been a long hard slog, and too close to call, up until now that is! Thanks to Wired we not only know that the Xbox One is the sickest, most Badass next gen console on the market, we also now know that if there a Zombie Apocalypse, the Xbox One would survive it.

    The Xbox One is the most powerful console and we have definitive proof of that thanks to the guys over at Wired. The PS4 sits trembling in the massive shadow cast by the awesome, all powerful, king of the next gen and apocalyptic survivor in a series of tests which prove the Xbox One is the BEST!

    Mocked for 12 months for its size, bullied for being square and teased for being heavy, the Xbox One shows that big is indeed beautiful. Check out this video in which Wired carry out a series of tests of strength, power and resilience...... actually they just dropped the consoles from a series of different heights in a knock out challenge and chainsawed the loser in half.

    You can already guess which console lost right, so if you want to see two Next Gen consoles thrown from different heights, and a PS4 get cut up with a chainsaw, be sure to watch the video below.
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